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Sponsorship Information

When you choose to become a sponsor for Ervin Johnson Hoops (EJ Hoops), you are investing in the future of young women in the Denver metro area.

Ervin Johnson Hoops is a non-profit organization that provides a competitive athletic experience for young female athletes. These female athletes will represent our sponsors across the U.S. in local, regional, and national basketball tournaments.

Each sponsor is able to donate in their own unique and personalized way and any amount helps these athletes achieve their goals. Donations will go directly to assist Ervin Johnson Hoops players with uniform fees, gym costs, tournament entry fees, and travel expenses associated with these tournaments.

By partnering with Ervin Johnson Hoops, you will allow many of our athletes to work toward a brighter future while being an inspiration to their local community.

Sponsor Our Athletes!

If you would like to partner with Ervin Johnson Hoops, please contact:

Ervin Johnson


A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors!